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Fine Art Collection of Contemporary Designs

Fine Art is a new concept for creating a modern interior space from Affresco. Vibes, textures, geometry, modern art - each design of the collection is able to endlessly excite the imagination, filling the interior with a mysterious atmosphere. Up to five different color variations from Affresco artists are offered for all products in the Fine Art catalog.

Fine Art - the first catalog of subjects in new interior techniques from AFFRESCO!

Fine Art Collection
Catalog of designer wallpapers Atmosphere

Atmosphere – the catalog of the most heartfelt stories to create author's interiors, immersing in the atmosphere of wild nature. The expression in every detail has been achieved due to the highest level of artistic drawing in various techniques. For each plot were selected individually from 4 to 6 most winning color solutions. Demonstration of all color combinations in the interiors makes it possible to feel how shades can change the atmosphere. Seven standard sizes give the chance to choose canvas of any height of the walls.

Atmosphere - a new vision of wall design from the best artists of AFFRESCO

Catalog of author's stories for children «SKAZKI AFFRESCO»

Affresco tales – is the most extensive catalog in the entire history of the factory. More than 90 fabulous masterpieces on the most popular themes for children's rooms. All the plots and characters presented in the new catalog are imbued with kindness and love: cute and touching animals, fairytale heroes, fantastic forests, fascinating maps, cities and others. AFFRESCO has developed 4 of the most harmonious color combinations: from delicate pastel to moderately saturated. The colorful catalog is enhanced with thematic interiors for each picture. Seven standard formats of canvas give the opportunity to choose wallpaper of any height of the walls.

“AFFRESCO TALES” is a cozy and comfortable atmosphere of a fairy tale. Own for each child.

Author's collection of handmade wallpaper Trend Art

Trend Art - the collection of modern author's wall-paper is devoted to the most popular trends of the present The most winning colors in the interior are used in this collection, which include not only a soft range, but also bright juicy shades. Trend Art collection was created specifically for those who want to express themselves in the interior. With the help of trendy plots from the Trend Art collection, any person can create a stunning accent wall in their interior or assemble an atmospheric space united by a common modern idea.

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