Any client of the Affresco factory can use the free services of professional designs in order to finalize the chosen subject for the future fresco at their discretion.

List of free services of Affresco factory:

  • Change of the proportions of the selected image (cropping or drawing the edges of the picture);
  • Change of the scale of colors;
  • Add and remove image details;
  • Collage of several images;
  • Making the project of the selected image in the interior;
  • Production of frescoes from the image of the Customer.

List of all services of Affresco factory:

Selection of the individual size of the future fresco or painting

All frescoes and paintings by Affresco are custom made. Affresco designers will help you determine the dimensions of the future fresco or painting, taking into account the proportions, shape and height of the walls, as well as the drawing of the selected image. You can also order any fragment of the image you like.

Color correction


Before After

When ordering a fresco or painting by Affresco, you can change the color scheme of any image you like. You can increase or decrease the brightness and saturation of colors, make the image black and white or convert it to sepia, using the image editor on the site, or indicate your wishes for changing the color scheme when placing an order for the factory. If desired, you can selectively replace the colors of the selected image.

Changing the aspect ratio of the image, painting the image


Before After

Sometimes the dimensions of the future fresco you need do not coincide with the proportions of the original image, it either has to be cropped a little, or drawn to the desired proportions. Affresco designers will paint the edges of the selected image to the desired size.

Color proof


To determine the optimal color ratio of the image and the approval of the fresco, Affresco offers a test print of any three fragments of your choice in the size of 30x30 cm at a scale of 1: 1 on the texture you like.
It is made after registration and payment of the main order or making an advance payment in the amount of 30 USD.
If you refuse to produce a fresco after making a color proof, 30 USD are withheld from the prepayment.

Adding and Removing Image Elements

Before After

In the selected image, at your request, Affresco designers can remove any elements or add fragments from other images, creating a fresco or painting ideally suited to your interior, taking into account all the architectural features of the room.

Collage of multiple images

Before After

At your request, we can combine several images you like into one, creating a new unique image. When ordering this service, you should remember that in order to combine pictorial images, they must be performed in the same painting technique.

Production of frescoes and paintings from the Customer's file




You can order a fresco or painting from your image. To do this, you need to provide a good quality JPEG or TIFF file. Affresco designers will prepare your file for production and recommend the optimal size of the future fresco or painting, at which the image will remain clear. If necessary, the image will be cleaned of minor defects.

Creating compositions from paintings

Before After

A composition of paintings is a very bright and stylish solution for interior decoration. To order a composition of paintings, you need to decide on the original image, indicate in the order the size of the wall where the composition will be located, and indicate your wishes for the sketch. Affresco designers will offer you several options for the arrangement of paintings in the composition and subjects in each painting. After the sketch is approved, the order will go into production.

Selection of images at the request of the customer

If you find it difficult to navigate such a large selection of images presented in Affresco catalogs, you can ask our managers for help. They will help you find the desired image, select several similar images for interior decoration in the same style, make a selection of images on a given topic, which is not presented in the Affresco image library.

Making the project of the selected image in the interior

Before After

You can determine the best place for frescoes and paintings in the interior, choose the desired color scheme of the image and its style by providing us with a project or photographs of your interior. The company's designers will render you a visualization of frescoes and paintings in the interior - they will clearly show you how the future fresco or painting will be combined with your interior.

Delivery of products to the entrance and rise to the floor (for Moscow and St. Petersburg)


Affresco will easily deliver your orders (even large sizes) throughout Russia and the CIS countries.

In Moscow and St. Petersburg, delivery is carried out to the entrance, the cost of delivery within the Moscow and Ring Road is 15 USD. Delivery in the Moscow region and in the Leningrad region is carried out at the rate of 15 USD + 1 USD for every 1 km of distance from the Moscow or Ring Road. If you wish, you can use the service of lifting the order to the floor, indicating the need for lifting in the order form.

Free delivery of all products of the factory to Affresco branded showrooms.

Delivery of orders to other cities of Russia and the CIS countries is carried out by the transport company Pony Express. Shipping cost is calculated based on the overall dimensions of the order and the recipient's distance from Moscow.

Visiting of the object by our designer/measurer


In our branded salons you can order the service "Visiting of the object by the designer". At your request, a specialist of the company will come to your facility with all the catalogs, give professional advice, show all collections of images and samples of textures, create a digital visualization of the image in the interior and calculate the cost.

Classics, Italian, French, hi-tech, country, modern - whatever the style of your interior design, Affresco specialist will help you choose exactly the image that will perfectly fit into your home and emphasize all its advantages. If necessary, the designers of Affresco will customize the selected image for you individually for free, so that it fits into your interior as harmoniously as possible.

To accurately determine the size of future frescoes and take into account all the architectural features of the premises when preparing a project, you can use the service " Visiting of the object by the measurer".

Factory specialists visit facilities in Moscow, the near Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region by prior arrangement.


Installation of frescoes and wallpaper on walls and ceilings as a single canvas without joints requires certain qualifications, because all Affresco products are expensive premium products. Installation teams of Affresco consist only of professional specialists who are able to perform high-quality installation of any complexity on walls, ceilings and facades in a short time.

Professional installation from Affresco company is carried out in Moscow, Moscow region and St. Petersburg.

Restoration of damaged frescoes and wallpaper / Visiting of the object by our artist


If during the operation of the frescoes or wallpaper you accidentally damaged them (for example, the fresco suffered from animal claws), then you can order the departure of an artist-restorer, who will restore the integrity of the image in the place of damage with special paints and cover the restored area with a protective varnish.

You can order the visit of an artist-restorer in Moscow and the Moscow region. For a preliminary estimate of the cost of restoration work, you can send photos of defects in frescoes or wallpaper to any Affresco brand salon in Moscow.

Online registration


Using this service, you can right now select and order frescoes, photo wallpapers, wallpapers or paintings from our image catalogs - everything you need is on our website.

Each direction has its own convenient and functional editor, which is easy to get into by looking through the images in the catalogs.

The editors have a convenient and functional interface, which allows you not only to adjust the size of the image, but also to select the texture, to see how it will look when superimposed on the selected image. The order amount is calculated automatically and changes, depending on the choice of size and texture.

The site has a convenient image search that will help you quickly find the plot you need by keyword or article number. A number of additional functions will help you to correct the image and select the desired version of the order.

For clarity of the products you have chosen, you can look at each sketch in a large number of proposed interiors in order to evaluate the size and scale of the elements of the selected image.

If you are satisfied with all the selected parameters, place the product in the basket and place your order. The export manager will contact you to send an invoice.

Using registration, you get the opportunity to control the status of your order at every stage, select and compare various images and keep an archive of your orders.