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Prices and conditions of usage of objects published on

Exclusive rights to the Web site located at www. (hereinafter - the Site) as well as all the objects displayed on the Site, including design elements, graphics, images, photographs, text, descriptions,  are the objects of intellectual property owned by «Affresco» and / or its partners.

Third parties may not use the results of intellectual activity posted on the Site in any way without the written consent of copyright holder.

Using the results of intellectual activity, if such use is without the consent of the copyright owner is illegal and punishable under the current legislation (p.1 art.1229 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

Legal protection extends to the entire Site as a whole and its individual elements are recognized as independent objects of copyright.

The site is recognized as a compound product, ie a product representing the result of creative work considering selection or arrangement of materials. Compound product is a subject to copyright and a subject to legal protection as a result of intellectual activity.

In addition to the legal protection of the site as the main product, its individual elements are also subject to legal protection.

For any misuse of the Site and its elements (an article, a photograph, a drawing), the copyright holder has the right to demand at his option from the infringer a fine instead of compensation for damages:

  • in the amount of ten thousand rubles to five million rubles determined at the discretion of the court;

  • equivalent to twice the cost of the copies of the work, or to twice the value of the right to use the work, determined on the basis of the price which under comparable circumstances is usually charged for the lawful use of the work;

(art. 1301 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

In addition to the civil (property) liability violator of copyrights and / or related rights may be subject to administrative or criminal responsibility.

Thus, in accordance with Paragraph 1 of Article 7.12 of the Administrative Code, copyright infringement in order to derive income punishable by an administrative fine for individuals in the amount of one thousand five hundred to two thousand rubles; for officials - from ten thousand to twenty thousand rubles; for legal entities - from thirty thousand to forty thousand rubles.

Part 2 of Article 146 of the Criminal Code provides that the illegal use of copyright committed on a large scale, shall be punished with a fine of up to two hundred thousand rubles or the salary or other income for a period of eighteen months, or by compulsory works for a term of one hundred eighty to two hundred forty hours, or imprisonment for up to two years.

Copyright infringement can be regarded as a criminal offense if the value of copies of works or the value of the rights to the use of copyright exceed fifty thousand rubles.

The right to use a copyright object (picture, image, photos, articles, etc.), posted on the Site provided by the conclusion of a copyright license agreement on the conditions of a simple (non-exclusive) license (st.1236 claims 1 to claim 1 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

For all the use of the Site of Copyright refer to the legal owner - the company Affresco.