TV presenter Roza Syabitova chooses AFFRESCO!

Subjects from the new Atmosphere wallpaper catalog decorated the living room and bedroom of Rosa Syabitova in her country estate! Last year, several rooms were decorated with Exclusive wallpaper. Now Rose has a luxurious collection of wallpapers from the most popular catalogs of AFFRESCO!

Wallpaper from the ETHNO catalog in the "Dachniy Otvet" program on NTV!

ETHNO wallpaper with a blooming garden on a gold background harmoniously complemented the interior of the living room in a log house. Watch the new broadcast “American Living Room with notes of chinoiserie” in the "Dachniy Otvet" program on Sunday, January 19, at 11.50 on NTV!

Large-scale project - Moskomsport pool "Arena Legend"!

AFFRESCO frescoes now adorn Moskomsport’s Arena Legends pool on 23 Avtozavodskaya Street. Vertical paintings of 3 x 9 meters were made on Sabbia material with additional waterproofing.

Atmosphere Wallpaper in the program «Idealny Remont», for singer Valentina Legkostupova!

Atmosphere wallpaper has become a delicate decor in the classic bedroom interior of pop singer Valentina Legkostupova. Watch the program «Idealny Remont», on Saturday, November 30, at 12.15 on Channel One!

The start of sales of the new Fine Art collection on the AFFRESCO website!

The new Fine Art collection is already available for order on the AFFRESCO website! Vibes, textures, geometry, modern art - each design of the collection is capable of endlessly excite the imagination. Order wallpaper Fine Art.

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