TV Projects

Project “American living room with notes of chinoiserie”, "Dachniy Otvet" NTV channel

In the new project of the "Dachniy Otvet” program, designer Igor Kurkin skillfully combined in the living room the beauty of bleached log walls and luxurious wallpaper from the ETHNO collection in the style of chinoiserie.

The project "Rodovoe Gnezdo". Country house of TV host Rosa Syabitova

The “Rodovoe Gnezdo” project of Rosa Syabitova became the first in the history of such programs where the TV host builds a house from foundation to housewarming! For her country house, Rosa chose several plots from the new collection of handmade wallpapers Exclusive. 

Project “Glamorous bedroom”, “Fazenda” program, MIR channel

The panel with a three-dimensional relief from the FabriKa19 collection has become a bright and unusual bedroom decor in a glamorous style. The ornament (art. FabriKa19-41 blue) looks unusual, because when you carefully examine the protruding bubbles between the protruding bubbles, the jellyfish silhouettes appear.

Project “Golden Ceiling”, “Dachniy Otvet” program, NTV channel

A difficult design task - to create the effect of volumetric geometric elements on a gold background with the help of a ceiling mural, was done with the help of an individual sketch and the right selection of texture for the mural.

Bedroom for singer Valentina Legkostupova, the program “Idealny Remont”, The First Channel

Wallpaper from the Atmosphere collection (art. AF522-COL4) has become a delicate decor in the classic bedroom interior of pop singer Valentina Legkostupova. Soft pastel colors, smooth lines and translucent brush strokes gave the room a special lightness.

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