Using this service, you can select and order frescoes, photo wallpaper, wallpaper or pictures right now selecting them from our catalogues (see our web site).

Each collection has its own convenient and functional editing tool accessible during image viewing in catalogues.

Editing tools have convenient and functional interface allowing not only to adjust the size, but to select the texture as well, to see how it looks when applied to the selected image. The price is calculated automatically and changes depending on the size and texture selected.

There is a convenient search for images by a key word or the article number on our web site. A number of additional features allow you to correct the image and select the desirable final version.

For the purposes of visualization of the selected product, each design can be viewed in a large number of interiors to see the size and scale of elements of the selected image.

If all parameters satisfy you, place the order to the basket and register the order.

The order may be paid by your credit/debit card in any electronic currency.

By registering, you will have a chance to monitor your order status on each stage, to select and compare various images and to maintain your orders archive.

You can contact our Sales Manager at to get the Invoice and pay money transfer via bank