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“SKAZKI AFFRESCO” Collection of Designs for Children

“SKAZKI AFFRESCO” is the largest children's catalog in the history of the factory. There are more than 90 fabulous masterpieces using popular themes for children's rooms: cute and touching animals, fairy tale characters, fantastic forests, fascinating maps, cities and much more. Drawings of the collection reflect the most beautiful feelings: maternal love, friendship and kindness. Four most harmonious color combinations are selected for each design: from delicate pastels to moderately saturated ones. “SKAZKI AFFRESCO” is a cozy and comfortable atmosphere of a fairy tale, its own for each child.

Trend Art Collection of Modern Designs

Trend Art is a collection of bold and unexpected solutions for modern interiors. There are unusual collages, geometry with 3D effect, stylized tropics, fields and waterfalls, combination of different textures. Along with delicate shades, many bright and contrasting combinations are offered. Due to the original incarnation, any plot of the collection is always an accent detail of the interior, even if the design is made in pastel colors.

EXCLUSIVE Collection of Author's Wallpapers

EXCLUSIVE is a collection of fantastic forest landscapes and luxurious flowering gardens with exotic plants and birds. Detailed rendering of each petal, filled with many close shades, gives a spectacular volume to the drawings. When creating the plots, the artists used watercolors and gouache. For each picture, up to 6 color options are selected: from delicate pastels to bright contrasts. Many designs are created without repeating the pattern up to 9 meters!

New Art Collection of Modern Designs

New Art includes modern designs that allow you to create the illusion of a new space, transforming and changing the usual forms. The collection contains many drawings for loft spaces and interiors in the style of "modern classics". Playing with textures, creating collages with various fantastic effects, combining different drawing techniques in one plot, combining pictorial elements with geometry are just a small part of the factory's artists' experiments.

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