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RE-SPACE Collection of Modern Designer Wallpaper

RE-SPACE is a collection where artistic drawings are combined with various textures: brickwork, boards, rough plaster, metal and concrete surfaces. There are also many ornaments, classical and oriental, combined with loft surfaces. Along with the usual light colors for each design, the artists proposed many new bright combinations with a predominance of dark shades.

Affresco frescoes and photo wallpaper image library
Check out new Affresco catalogue in all our showrooms! It is designed for everyone wishing to change their interior quickly and completely. Our images will help you add a bright accent to the interior, create new different ambience, enlarge the space or make it cozier. We have created a collection of prefabricated design solutions and put the best themes of different styles and techniques into one image library. For you convenience we have divided all images into 57 sections by theme and style. Now ordering prefabricated solution of photo wallpaper you can quickly and easily create your own unique design with our huge range of images, five texture options created specifically for this collection, and rich choice of standard sizes (22 for each article) of which you can select the most appropriate for your interior.
All the pictures are divided into 8 proportion formats, but if you order any image in a form of fresco you will be offered a set of free services such as image processing, change of proportion in accordance with the area, custom design, color change, and much more. Frescoes and Murals
New texture Velure now in 320 cm!
Velure texture presented for purchase in 2015 is now available in maximum size 3,20х10,20 m. This texture is used for frescoes and wallpaper. Its surface is matte, slightly rough with light relief. Velure texture is perfect for all kinds of areas: house interiors, public spaces, medical and children's facilities. The material can be used to decorate walls, ceilings, and furniture. The maximum size of seamless canvas without joints is 3,20x10,20 m. The canvas is highly resistant to mechanical damages, sunlight and different kinds of stains, can be washed and restored if needed.
Frescoes and Murals
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