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FLUID Collection of Modern Designs

FLUID is the collection that mainly devoted to drawings in the Fluid Art technique and artistic interpretations of various natural textures. Artistic acrylic, alcohol ink, watercolor paints – mixing colors of various materials gives rise to unique author's drawings in the form of bewitching "cosmic abstractions". The designs of the collection showcase a new and unique color palette based on color nuances. Bright, rich and delicate, harmoniously matched colors with the addition of artistic effects of golden glow and pearl overflows create original and unexpected interior solutions for modern spaces.

Art Fabric Collection of Author's Wallpapers

Art Fabric is a collection of decorative subjects with original floral motifs in a new color palette. The designs are made according to the coupon construction of the composition and can be extended indefinitely, filling the space with a mysterious atmosphere immersed in marvelous plants. The collection includes scenes from different catalogs of the factory, adapted to a coupon design that will look equally good on Affresco wallpapers and fabrics. Each design is presented in 6 original color variations.

Art Fabric Catalog
Fine Art Collection of Modern Designs

Fine Art collection includes the plots for modern interiors in the most unusual execution techniques. The collection contains three thematic sections: fluids, geometry, textures and contemporary art. Much attention is paid to the artistic interpretation of various surfaces: fabric, wood, metal, rough plaster, stone, crumpled paper. In many designs, there is a combination of several surfaces – this complicates the drawing and makes it more mysterious. Up to five different color variations are offered for all designs. Many designs are created with continuation.

Fine Art Collection
Atmosphere Collection of Designer Wallpaper

Atmosphere is a collection of heartfelt plots that immerse you in natural beauty and harmony. Tropical scenes, stylized forest landscapes, luxurious gardens with flowing branches, compositions of large inflorescences are just a small part of the voluminous catalogue. Expressiveness in every detail is achieved due to the highest level of artistic drawing. Up to 6 most winning colors for interiors are individually selected for each plot.

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