Syabitova Roza

Syabitova Roza

Russian TV presenter and main matchmaker of the country, co-host of the TV show “Let's get married”

To decorate the interior of her country house, TV presenter Roza Syabitova chose stories from the Exclusive catalog. This collection was especially liked by Rosa during her visit to the main showroom of the factory - “Affresco Design Center”. The living room was decorated with a plot with royal birds (art. AB326-COL3), which have long personified the symbol of family happiness. Affresco designers slightly changed the position of the birds to get around the fireplace in the center of the wall. The luxurious bedroom of Rosa is decorated with exquisite inflorescences in delicate pastel colors (art. AB302-COL3). The sketch was prepared taking into account the complex geometry of the attic room. The office is more solemn and bright. It is decorated with floral ornaments with a deep and rich background in shades of burgundy (art. AB306-COL5). In her son’s room, Rosa chose a plot in the Loft style imitating masonry from the New Art catalog (art. RE169-COL1). The interior of the house was bright, expressing the individual uniqueness of each room.

“Affresco is one of my favorite partners; they really produce amazing wallpapers and murals! I am very pleased with the personalized service. The designer worked on each mural I selected, customizing the drawings to the format of each room. Thank you so much for such thoroughness in the work. The result is amazing! ”- TV presenter Roza Syabitova.

Project author: Zakharova Gelena
Project “Family Nest” by Syabitova Roza