Stoyanov Yuri

Stoyanov Yuri

Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, musician. People's Artist of the Russian Federation. Author and performer of roles in the Gorodok program

In the apartment of actor Yuri Stoyanov, the wallpaper was used in the office and bedroom. Both drawings were provided by the author of the project Natalya Boyko. For the office - repeating silhouettes resembling deer horns. Affresco designers added the effect of watercolor painting to the drawing, reduced the scale of the elements and made a repeating rapport to extend the entire wall. The rough surface of the Velure canvas conveyed the texture of the watercolor canvas to the mural. A pattern resembling checkered fabric was provided for the bedroom. On the sandy relief of the Sabbia texture, it began to look more voluminous and natural. To achieve the exact desired shades, all drawings were preliminarily approved for small samples.

Stunned. This is a delight! I really like everything! I am a man-hotel and you have organized such a five-star hotel - fantastic, in which I will now live. Everything was thought up better than I would have thought up myself! Thank you! ”- actor Yuri Stoyanov on the air of the program “Idealny Remont”, The First Channel

Project author: Boyko Nataliya
The program “Idealny Remont”, The First Channel