Sedykh Natalya

Sedykh Natalya

Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, ballet dancer of the Big Theater

The bedroom interior style Natalia Sedykh is French, with its inherent severity, elegance and grace, like the actress herself. A plot from the EXCLUSIVE catalog (art. AB310-COL1) with wisteria falling violet brushes creates some kind of romance, lightness and mystery in the interior, reflecting the character of the actress. Wisteria is also called wisteria - it is a very beautiful liana that adorns gardens and parks around the world. A pastel color scheme with the most delicate combinations of warm and cold colors fits perfectly into the interior and makes it a little magical.

This room is my dream! Wallpaper is what I wanted. Delicate lilac and lilac colors! Thank you for such a miracle! ”- Actress Natalya Sedykh on the air of the program “Idealny Remont”, The First Channel

Project author: Inna Kazarova

The program “Idealny Remont”, The First Channel