Samoilenko Alexander

Samoilenko Alexander

Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, film director and producer

The main idea of the interior is sunny Italy. The main decorative component of the living room was a fresco overlooking the Italian street from the section "Frescoes and Photo Wallpaper", the catalog "Photo Art" (art. ID12045). The perspective of the old street, which goes into the distance, prolongs the space, inviting you to stroll through the Italian city. Thanks to the idea of the designer - to enclose the fresco in the masonry of real stone, similar to the painted one - it turned out to enhance the perception of reality. The texture of Craquelure frescoes with natural cracks has given the plot decay and expressiveness.

Great! Everything is very cool! I like it. Thank you! ”- actor Alexander Samoilenko in the program Remont po-chestnomu», REN TV channel

Project author: Medvedeva Natalya
The program «Remont po-chestnomu», REN TV channel