Nemolyaeva Svetlana

Nemolyaeva Svetlana

Soviet and Russian theater and film actress. People's Artist of the RSFSR

Under the numerous collections of actress Svetlana Nemolyaeva from porcelain, figurines, icons, and other ancient objects, the designer laid the foundation for the interior of the idea of an antique park. For this, the walls of the kitchen, hall and corridors were decorated with a panoramic landscape from the Wallpaper part 2 catalog, арт. AF742-COL4. The picturesque drawing became a harmonious background, which, thanks to its noble and calm colors, combined all the objects of the actress's collection into a single whole. The color of the picture was slightly changed to shades of sepia on the instructions of the project author Anna Smirnova.

I'm just thrilled how beautiful! Everything is so tasteful and so exquisite. It is amazing and unexpected that this painting is in such noble colors. This is impeccable, and most importantly, it matches my personality. This complex landscape thing is slightly blurry and unobtrusive, very delicate - it is charming. And it seems to me that it can never get bored. Cozy classics for life in order to feel at home harmoniously, ”- actress Svetlana Nemolyaeva on the program «Kvartirny Vopros», on NTV channel

Project author: Anna Smirnova-Razumeeva
The program «Kvartirny Vopros», on NTV channel