Nazarova Alexandra

Nazarova Alexandra

Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, people's artist of Russia

The classic interior for actress Alexandra Nazarova was created in the eclectic style. It intertwines objects from the past and modern. Combine different moments of history and make the interior acquire a compositional center, it turned out due to the fresco. The image was proposed by the project designer Gelena Zakharova. The original architectural drawing with a hint of antique style in the graphic presentation fits perfectly into the interior, linking all its elements together. Sand texture Sabbia made it cool to the distant past, and the playful simplicity of the lines added a modern touch. The remaining walls are decorated with neutral background wallpaper ETHNO (art. Vel503) in pale blue.

"That's very beautiful! This is such a great gift for me. Thanks to everyone. I am shocked! ”- actress Alexandra Nazarova on the air of the program “Idealny Remont”, The First Channel

Project author: Zakharova Gelena
The program “Idealny Remont”, The First Channel