Metelkina Elena

Metelkina Elena

Soviet and Russian film actress, fashion model

It was possible to create a modern interior like an airspace with a play of light thanks to the wallpaper from the New Art catalog. A modern collage (art. RE182-COL1) from fragments of shimmering crystal chandeliers with delicate tints of light gave the boudoir to the lady decorativeness with a reference to the palace style. On the remaining walls in support of the main plot - background wallpaper-companions Colore. An additional glow is given by pearl nacre at the base of wallpaper plaster and its heterogeneous application. Lamps light up - and the walls begin to play and shimmer. The complete absence of the joints of the paintings gives a soft scattering of light without refraction. The plot helped express the personality of the actress and emphasize her exceptional taste.

When I entered, of course, I was struck by this wall, which expanded the space, and I ended up somewhere on the balcony of a huge hall. The space is breathing. This wall made me very happy. Thank you, everything is done with a refined taste! ”- actress Elena Metelkina on the air of the program“Idealny Remont”, The First Channel

Project author: Olga Gafarova

The program “Idealny Remont”, The First Channel