Kravchenko Mariya

Kravchenko Mariya

Russian actress, participant in the Comedy Woman project

The classic living room, but in a new reading - with Loft elements, was decorated with modern wallpaper from the RE-SPACE catalog (art. JK43-COL2). Floral ornament with flying birds has become the center of the interior. The design technique for decorating wallpaper in a decorative molding made it possible to single out the plot in a finished panel. The noble dark background of the picture looks very impressive in the overall light color scheme of the interior. Against a dark background, the ocher ornament seems to glow with gilding. This noble blue tint is repeated in moldings and a ceiling cornice to give the interior a clearer and more complete composition.

"So cool! I really like everything! I would like to quickly invite guests so that everyone sees how beautifully everything is done, I am delighted! ”- actress Maria Kravchenko on the air of the program“ Honestly Repair ”on the Ren TV channel.

Project author: Foundation, Group of companies
The program «Remont po-chestnomu», REN TV channel