Kirkorov Filipp

Kirkorov Filipp

Soviet and Russian pop singer, actor, composer and producer. People's Artist of Russia

According to the idea of the project designer, it was necessary to convey the mood of the fairytale forest in the interior of the living room of Philip Kirkorov, but to do this delicately and unobtrusively. The plot from the catalog Wallpaper part 2, арт.AB55-COL2 was ideally suited for solving the problem, enveloping all the walls of the living room and halls with a gentle forest landscape, as if in a haze. Watercolor technique emphasized the lightness and airiness of the drawing, the plane of the walls ceased to be felt. The room has increased significantly visually. The plot is unique in its calm and noble color scheme, which harmoniously combines with any interior items: from concise to luxurious. The drawing is able to decorate the interior even by itself, without filling it with other decorative elements. The painstaking work of Affresco designers on the sketches made it possible to enter the plot with extreme accuracy so that not a single important element of the picture gets into the openings and is not covered by furniture.

Stunned! How great it is here! I love. It’s hard to surprise me: I have seen my life in this life, and have traveled and seen different houses. And here I am, my presence, my spirit, and we will definitely fill it all with creativity. Thank you very much! ”- Philip Kirkorov on the air of the program “Idealny Remont”, The First Channel

Project author: Andrey Karpov

The program “Idealny Remont”, The First Channel