Grishaev Alexander

Grishaev Alexander

Russian film and theater actor, host of the School of Repair program on TNT

For the traditional classic interior of the living room in pastel colors and with a fireplace area, the actor Alexander Grishaev chose panoramic wallpapers from the Wallpaper part 2 catalog, арт. AF742-COL4.  An airy composition in calm colors, antique architecture, flowerpots and cypresses - all elements of the picture are perfectly combined with classic furniture and decor. The wallpaper is made in watercolor, the translucency of the painting strokes gives incredible lightness to the picture. The panoramic landscape visually pushes the space, immersing in its world of harmony and beauty.

You give people beauty. And I love everything beautiful and durable, so I chose your wallpaper for my home. This panoramic landscape is unique, in my living room I feel calm and comfortable, there is scope. Thanks to the true professionals! ”- actor Alexander Grishaev in the video thanks to the Affresco factory.

Project author: Olga Savchenko