Grebeshkova Nina

Grebeshkova Nina

Soviet and Russian actress, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, widow of director Leonid Gaidai

In the kitchen of the country house of actress Nina Grebeshkova, the designer wanted to create the feeling of a summer arbor shrouded in the most delicate flowers of roses. And then an idea was born: to decorate the ceiling with a fresco with looped roses on a sky-blue background (art. 9804). This story was created by AFFRESCO artists specifically for the “Plots for Ceilings” catalog. The drawing has a multi-level airy composition of roses and blooming sakura, intertwined in the shape of a dome against a clear sky. It is this composition that is able to visually raise the ceiling and turn it into a view of the sky from a luxuriously flowering garden. End lighting around the perimeter literally separated the ceiling from the walls, making it completely weightless. And the play of light and shadow of the porous texture of Beze made the flowers more voluminous and vibrant. The interior found its light French charm, became airy. The ceiling disappeared behind the mural.

My God, this is a garden, a blooming garden! It’s like in Lenin’s fantasy! He loved the garden, and when the garden blooms - for him it was a delight. This is something awesome! I just couldn’t even see this in a dream. Thank you for such attention to me! ”- actress Nina Grebeshkova in the “Idealny Remont”, The First Channel

Project author: Kosyanenko Natalya, Ostrikova Olga
The program “Idealny Remont”, The First Channel