Galibin Alexander

Galibin Alexander

Soviet and Russian actor, film and theater director, TV presenter. People's Artist of the Russian Federation

The interior with echoes of the Victorian style is filled with light shades. The room is furnished with antique furniture. To support this design idea, wallpapers with the texture of an aged wall and a slight loss of murals from the Re-Space catalog, were selected (art. JV100-col1 and ID103-col4). From these drawings, it is as if you can read the centuries-old history of the interior, which is actually invented. Here, modern elements are intertwined with real objects from past eras. Layering of drawings combines both smooth textures and relief, in places with cracks and scuffs. Implicit ancient ornaments, as if obliterated by time, are the perfect solution for this style.

“I really like that there are very soft and calm tones, and a single stylistic solution flows from one room to another - this is what I wanted, and even more!” Said Alexander Galibin on the program “Idealny Remont”, The First Channel

Project author: Hakimova Guzelia
The program “Idealny Remont”, The First Channel