Ermolaeva Nelli

Ermolaeva Nelli

Former participant in the reality show "Dom-2", TV presenter of RU.TV channel, model

The kitchen interior is designed in the style of French classics with its characteristic romanticism and chic. For this style, the wallpaper from the catalog "Frescoes and photo wallpaper", the section "Plots", art. 5212 with a classic repeating ornament in monochrome gamut fits perfectly. The texture with silver cracks Patina Silver gave the surface a luxury and decorativeness due to a slight flicker. The result was a classic interior, but in a modern reading. Wallpaper supported this stylistic idea: on the one hand - a classic pattern with craquelures, but their silver grout looks quite modern, giving the surface more decorative than decay. Wallpaper perfectly combines with all interior items, which are designed in similar colors with the use of patina.

TV host of the music channel RU.TV Neli Ermolaeva took an active part in the filming of the program and in one of the frames conveyed her admiration for the frescoes, saying that she had never seen anything like it before.

Project author: Olga Savchenko
Program «Shkola remonta», TNT channel