Bezrukova Irina

Bezrukova Irina

Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, TV presenter, public figure

For actress Irina Bezrukova, the designer wanted to make an airy weightless interior. Panoramic wallpapers from the Wallpaper part 2 catalog (арт. AB128-COL4) with delicate landscape motifs perfectly fit this concept. Natural colors: sky blue, beige, earth color. The interior turned out to be tender, light, like Irina herself. The landscape is airy, multidimensional: it expands the space and fills the room with light, as if enveloping in its soft and gentle atmosphere.

Dear Affresco friends, thank you so much! Awesome absolutely wallpaper, I really liked it. Tastefully, highly artistic, beautiful, elegant. A lot of light, very comfortable and the most important thing for me is cozy. Very interesting texture, the feeling that it was painted by an artist! ”- actress Irina Bezrukova in her video thanks to the Affresco factory.

Project author: Zakharova Gelena
The program “Idealny Remont”, The First Channel