Barbier Natalya

Barbier Natalya

Leading the program "Perfect Repair", chief editor of the magazine "Mezzanine"

The drawing room is the most spectacular room in Natasha Barbier’s apartment. Its main wall is decorated with a fresco with a modern collage of graphic drawings by Leonardo da Vinci (Catalog of Plots art. A0617). At the request of Natalia Barbier, the original color was changed according to the type of inversion of the print, when the background is dark and the lines of the picture, on the contrary, are light. It turned out very original. This color scheme can also be seen in the New Art catalog (art. RE195-COL3). The kitchen is Victorian. Natalia wanted a lot of birds, as in the old greenhouses. She chose the plot of the blooming garden from the New Art catalog (art. RE194-COL4), but, as in the case of the living room, played with color. The kitchen turned into a blooming garden with birds, as Natalia wanted.

You are wonderful and very talented. I live with your frescoes, and I have three of them: two in the dining room and one in the living room. My guests rejoice when they look at them, and my eye rejoices when I see them. I wish you many years of prosperity, so that your creative creativity always has a brilliant result! Thank you for the wonderful products! ”- Natalya Barbier, host of the perfect repair program.

Project author: Sergey Sarkisov