Baluev Alexander

Baluev Alexander

Soviet and Russian theater and film actor

The main idea of the interior of the actor’s living room is the Russian style. As if from a peasant farmstead, they created a fashionable design space, preserving the original style. The interior has a lot of wood, natural materials, iron, forging - all that was typical of rural buildings. To introduce the sensation of air, additional light and color into the interior, murals were made according to drawings found by the author of the project with endless wheat fields. The fresco is mounted in a wall with a height of almost 5 meters, enclosed in a beam frame. There was a feeling of a window overlooking the field. A beautiful landscape immerses you in the beauty of Russian nature! The murals expressed the style of the interior, parted the space and added pure natural colors of golden wheat and clear blue sky to it.

"I love! With this painting, quite bright and positive, I am very comfortable. Thank you very much! ”- actor Alexander Baluev on the air of the program“ Ideal Repair ”on Channel One.

Project author: Eva Korbakova
The program “Idealny Remont”, The First Channel