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Affresco novelties at MosBuild2022.

At MosBuild2022, we presented three new catalogs at once, which showcase the main trends in design - Line Art, Emotion Art and Fantasy. New collections were appreciated by our regular partners - dealers and leading Russian designers, as well as those who met us for the first time. We regularly publish reviews of new products in Telegram and VK.

New in 2022:

  • Fantasy is a collection of modern fantasy designs. This is an improvisation on the theme of nature, where the creative imagination of our designers glorifies the world of ethnicity and folklore. Mythology and symbolism have become a source of inspiration for the collection. Fantasy will plunge you into the world of fantasy and dreams, filling the house with new impressions!

  • Line Art is AFFRESCO's first catalog in a series of linear interior graphics. Subtle line drawings and 160 interior background shades create new spatial solutions. The lines have a glowing effect, the illusion of the presence of gold, mother-of-pearl and volume, which makes the drawing alive and shimmering. Line Art is a perfection in the combination of line and color!

  • Emotion Art is a catalog of modern designs created by nature itself! The basis of the Emotion Art collection is the texture of natural materials, natural stone and textures created by artists: beautiful cuts of marble and onyx, effects of wind and sea waves. Emotion Art is full of rich colors and the beauty of nature, giving a surge of emotions!

In individual orders, any combination of background color and pattern is possible. All drawings of the new collections have a rapport in width with an endless continuation.

All new items are already posted on our website and available for order.