Design services

Professional designers work in every Affresco brand store, they will provide you with the complete information about the product and will accept the order. Affresco has developed an exclusive range of design services that are free of charge for our customers.

Selection of the individual size of future frescoes or paintings


All Affresco frescoes and paintings are produced according to the individual size. Affresco’s designers will help you to select the right size of your future fresco or painting, taking into consideration the proportion, the form and the height of walls as well as the design of chosen image. You can also order any fragment of image you like. 

Color Grading




Ordering Affresco fresco or painting you can change a color spectrum of any chosen image. To change the color brightness and depth, make the black & white image or make it in sepia you can do it by yourself using the edit tool on our web site or indicate it in your order. If necessary you can also change colors of chosen image selectively. 

Changing proportions of an image, finishing of an image




Sometimes a required size of the future fresco doesn’t match the proportion of original image so Affresco's designers can either cropped it a bit or draw some additional elements to get a required size. 



In order to determine the right color combination and approve fresco, Affresco offers a free-of-charge printing test of any 3 fragments chosen by you 30х30cm at a scale of 1:1 on a texture you like.

Adding  and deleting elements of the image




Affresco designers can delete or add any fragment from or to the selected image, having created frescoes or painting that will be perfectly suit your interior, taking into account all architectural specifications of the location.

Collage of images




If you wish we can combine several images to one, having created the new unique theme. Using this option you should remember that to combine paintings they have to be made in the same technic.  

Production of frescoes and paintings of client’s image




You can order frescoes or painting with your own image. For this you should provide us with a high-quality JPEG or TIFF image. Affreso designers will prepare your image for the production and will recommend you an optimal size to remain your future frescoes or painting sharp. If necessary small defects will be deleted from the image. 

Creation of an individual image in S&G Art Collection style




You have a unique chance to order an individual image in a style of Silver&Gold collection that will be created by Affresco’s artists as the line drawing and then it will be transferred into the canvas with a gold or silver texture in the form of fresco or painting. For this you should provide us with your image, describe your preferences and choose a texture (gold or silver). The sketch will be preparing for you with all your requirements. Then the approved sketch will be transferred to our artist for creation the line drawing. The finished work will be re-approved by you. 

Creation of a composition




A composition is a very stylish solution in interior decoration. To order a composition you should choose the initial image, indicate your wall’s size where you will place it and indicate your design preferences. Affresco designers will propose you several alternatives of placement's paintings in the composition and of a theme of each picture. Once the design is approved, the order will be transferred for the production.

Selection of images by client’s request


If you have some difficulties with selection of images from the Affresco catalogs, our consultants will assist you with it and also with selection of several similar images for interior decoration in one style as well as to make a selection of images that are not presented in the Affresco images library on a specified theme.

You can also select images that are not in the Affresco catalogs without assistance at and all selected images will be free for you.

Project of future fresco in the client’s interior 




To determine the best placement of the frescoes or paintings in your interior and to select a color spectrum of the image and its style you should provide us with a project or pictures of your interior. Our designers will prepare the visualization of frescoes and paintings in your interior, they will show you by visual demonstration how the future fresco or painting will go with your interior.

Designer/estimator’s project visit 


By customer’s demand Affresco expert will come to you with all catalogs, give you a professional consultation, show you all collections of images and textures do a digital visualization of chosen image in your interior and will calculate the cost.  

Whatever the style of your future interior is – classic, Italian, high-tech, country or modern, an Affresco specialist will help you to select the image that will perfectly suit for your interior. If necessary, Affresco designers will retouch the selected images free of charge.

In order to identify the fresco size and to take into account all architectural peculiarities of the room, you can use service “Estimator visit”.