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Murals, Frescoes and photo wallpaper. Forest Art. ID135970

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Products description

Frescoes and photo wallpaper

Frescoes and photo wallpaper by Affresco are produced using the technology of manual application of decorative plaster onto non-woven basis. Then the product is covered by protective varnish. Frescoes are produced in custom sizes and sketches on 10 different textures. Photo wallpaper are standard images with 22 possible sizes. The seamless image can be up to 3.2x10.2 m. The canvas can be glued onto any surface, and can be used to decorate not only walls and ceilings, but furniture as well.

All the products are eco-friendly, resistant to water, color fading, and minor damages. That makes it possible to use frescoes and photo wallpaper in any kinds of rooms, including bathrooms, swimming pools, and kitchens.